Raw material area

Gia Lai Province

Gia Lai is located on a part of a large ancient rock foundation, over 4,000 m thick, belonging to the Kon Tum Geoblock. Near the southern end of the Nam Truong Son massif. Gia Lai inherits the favors of nature bestowed on this land, including: land, water, sun, wind and people, where all seasons, geographical advantages, and human harmony are gathered.

Dorafoods has invested and built a system of large-scale farms and the No. 1 food production factory with many of the most modern and advanced equipment.

Ninh Thuan Province

With a tropical savanna climate, sub-desert, Ninh Thuan is a land with a lot of sun and wind, we have researched and built a farm system with a scale of 60 hectares to provide raw materials for production plants in Ninh Thuan.