Business philosophy

Business philosophy

For the mission of serving the community

Dorafoods wishes its products would become wonderful national products so that each family can proudly put it on the dining table every day. Dorafoods considers customers as the center and is committed to bringing the best quality products, serving the public, family and society


Dorafoods is oriented to develop into a leading manufacturer of healthy food and beverages in Vietnam aiming to dominate the international market.

Dorafoods products will become national products, being available on the dining table of every Vietnamese family.

Vision 2025: Dorafoods becomes a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and exporting healthy food and beverage products within the international market.

Vision 2030: Dorafoods dominates the domestic market, becoming a counterweighted enterprise in the field of retailing healty food and beverages good for general public. Thereby, it has become the leading enterprise in this field.

Vision 2035: Dorafoods fulfills its mission of serving society, serving the community, bringing Vietnam’s country, citizens and products to the world.


Sứ mệnh phụng sự cộng đồng, phục vụ xã hội. Đưa xã hội lên một tầm cao mới.

Dorafoods’ mission is to be one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of applying biotechnology in production, taking advantage of the advantages of available agricultural products, medicinal herbs and national strengths.

Dorafoods brings to the domestic and international markets excellent quality products according to international standards and brings Vietnamese agricultural products to all countries and territories around the world.

Dorafoods tries its best to take on the pioneering position, paving the way for clean and organic agricultural products to the international market.

Mission to serve the community and serve the society. Bring the entire society to the next level.

Core values

With the spirit of community service, Dorafoods’ culture is prerequisitely a culture of professionalism expressed through the following core values:

  • Mind: Dorafoods puts the word “Mind” on the top. Everything Dorafoods does is focused on the word “mind”, respecting the law, maintaining ethics, taking customers and partners as the center, serving the center, serving the community and society.
  • Wisdom: Dorafoods considers “Wisdom” as vitality, a lever for development in all aspects, upholding the venturesome spirit to think, to act and to serve the society. Wisdom must be expressed in all fields, all aspects of the business, maintaining studiousness and creativity. All staff, employees and engineers of Dorafoods must become true scientists in the field they are responsible for.
  • Trust: Dorafoods protects the word “Trust” like protecting the honor of the company itself. Dorafoods always tries its best to prepare full capacity and resources to guarantee the commitment to domestic and foreign partners and customers no matter how big or small.
  • Calm: Dorafoods considers the word “Calm” as the foundation for all activities. “Calm” to have creativity, “calm” to control, maintain and nurture strength, creating true value for each activity.
  • Essence: Dorafoods sets the goal of “Essential products”, “Elite people”. The combination of “Time”, “National strength”, “Harmonious personnel” will create a special “condensation” forming a strong Dorafoods collective.
  • Human: Dorafoods considers “human resource” as its strength. Many people working harmoniously together will create a united collective with extraordinary strength. The strength of people is the strength of the collective, the strength of solidarity and humanity.

Company culture

With the desire to build a strong brand, Dorafoods advocates building a business:

 – Taking people as the root of development, building and managing an intelligent human resource. Turning unknowledgeable people into knowledgeable people, turning unknowledgeable collectives into knowledgeable ones, maintaining and spreading knowledge to each domestic and foreign customer and partner.

– Building the brand identity of Dorafoods associated with noble humane values;

– Taking the product’s quality and customer satisfaction as a measure of the product’s value;

– Taking the requirements of customers and partners as targets to strive for;

– Building Dorafoods brand with full pride and self-respect of the nation;

  • Taking knowledge and wisdom as a measure of progress, building human resources based on human knowledge. Always absorb new knowledge, refine and transform to suit current circumstances, times and people in a positive direction;
  • Respecting talents, using the right people, for the right purposes and at the right time;
  • Applying Kaizen and 5S philosophy to management activities.

Applying solidarity, discipline and efficiency policy.